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1. LESS RESPONSIBILITY: When you rent a home or apartment, most the responsibility is on the owner.  If you pipe burst you are not likely to have to pay to repair the pipe or any damage caused by the pipe. 

2. MORE FREEDOM: When renting you sign a 6 month to a 1 year lease.  You have the freedom to move to another location or sign a new lease.  With homeownership you are tied to that house for 20 to 30 years unless you sell but your are subject to the whims of the housing market. 

3. NO DEBT:  When renting you are responsible for the rent and utilities.  While buying you are responsible for a large mortgage.  

These are just a few of the reasons to rent instead of buying.  It's important for you to determine your exact needs before deciding on whether to rent or to buy.  Always analyze your current situation before making a huge decision.