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Ann Morris has been serving us as a property manager for the Cherry Hill Condominium Association. Her primary function is to work with the Board of Directors to plan what services are needed, and then to manager the various vendors who are on property providing services for the condominium association. She secures bids for work that needs to be done, and once the contracts are signed, she oversees that the work is done completely.

Ann is very responsive to the members of the condominium. She is available by cell phone, email and text messaging, and she responds to questions in a very timely manner. She has extensive experience in property management and is knowledgeable regarding the local vendors. Her communication style is direct and effective. We have been pleased to use Ann as a property manager for our association.
— Henry H.

I have known Ann for approximately seven years. She has closely worked with me as a manager of my residential and commercial real estate which I own, a total of 30 properties. She has been extremely meticulous in the performance of her job and she has been extremely kind towards the tenants. I trust and believe in the work that she has done and will continue to do.

I recommend, without any reservation, Ann to any position that she may hold in professional real estate.
— Emmanuel N.

The Rewastico Village Homeowners Association has been using Ann Morris for our management company since September of 2014. While using Ann’s services, we as a community have been very busy and diligent with regards to the standards that we have in place to safeguard the quality and stature of our community. Ann has been very instrumental in allowing us to achieve these goals. The Rewastico Village Board of Directors have had an excellent report with Ann. We have discussed, brainstormed and tackled many problematic issues that have arose. We have always found Ann to be an outstanding leader with great people skills. Her commitment to follow through with past due delinquencies and violations within our community have excelled our expectations. I have to admit that I have been very impressed in how Ann’s people skills have persuaded even the most stubborn homeowners to resolve violations and solve conflicts within the community. In additions, Ann’s management company has always been punctual to respond to issues, had precision bookkeeping and timely fund disbursements. I highly recommend Ann and her services to any organization that seeks professional, courteous and motivated management company.
— Tom S.