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Fall is in the air


As fall quickly approaches here are some things that you might want to get off that To Do List….

  1. Clean out your gutters

  2. Trim trees

  3. Put fertilizer on your lawn

  4. Wash windows inside and outside

  5. Clean and inspect chimneys

  6. Order firewood

  7. Clean and inspect furnace and replace filter

  8. Put outdoor furniture,umbrellas and cushions away

  9. Get lawn equipment ready to be stored away

  10. Replace summer quilts with thicker comforters

  11. Check all outside windows and doors that might need caulking

  12. Plant your spring bulbs

  13. Organize garage for easy access to shovels, snow blower

  14. Change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

  15. Get warmer clothes ready in closet

Cozy up on the couch to enjoy the rest of the season

Winter will be here before you know it

Ann Morris